Good News


Beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News of Salvation,

The Good News is not just for the few, but for each and every nation.

The Good News is that Jesus died, was buried, and that He rose again,

Christ did all this because you and I are wicked sinners my friend.

The restoration of fellowship with God is at the heart of Salvation,

As Jesus' primary purpose was to redeem the Jewel of God's creation.

The importance of man in the eyes of God can be easily understood,

For on the day He created man, He saw all and said it was very good.

But the perfect fellowship at the start by Satan's design fell apart,

For by subtlety deceiving Eve, that liar had corrupted man's heart.

That is why God's Only Gospel must be expounded by all believers,

That Christ died, was buried, and raised according to the Scriptures.

Christ who had no sin, had to die to pay sin's price for you and me,

And we too, must crucify ourselves on the cross to truly be set free.

Jesus' body used to bear our sin, was buried never to be seen again,

And after being saved, our sinful nature shouldn't be seen my friend.

After Jesus rose that day, His Glorified Body was restored my friend,

And we will be like Him my friend, when we too are raised at the end.

The Good News for believers is that when we hear that trumpet sound,

We will be changed and caught up with the Lord and be Heaven bound.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

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