A Pilgrims Purpose


I am here as a pilgrim, wandering as a stranger in a strange land,

And sharing the Gospel with those I meet is the only task at hand.

Moved like a tent maker by The King with no stakes in this ground,

While I pursue the kind of righteousness that in Abraham God found.

And since Abraham obeyed and pursued God up to his life's very end,

Abraham is the only man in the Bible whom God referred to as friend.

And Christ who is God told believers that He would call us friend,

If we would be faithful and obey Christ's commands right to the end.

And because Abraham believed God he was credited with righteousness,

So God pointed him out in Hebrews to fill us with such faithfulness.

For if you seek first The Kingdom and Christ's Righteousness above,

He will fill you with desire for The Kingdom and His abounding love.

No man since Jesus has shown the kind of Love in which God commends,

For Jesus gave His life for the whole world, not just His friends.

As believers, we died in Christ and our life is hidden now with Him,

So we need to set our minds on things above, as we seek men to win.

If men believe and confess that Jesus is Lord, they shall be saved.

But without Jesus Christ they continue in sin being totally enslaved.

And since you've been raised with Christ, you have nothing to lose,

For Isaiah said beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

(Copyright © 07/2003)

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