What's The Hurry Down Here

The End Times

Everyone is in such a hurry seemingly with no time to think how fast,

People In such a rush to get nowhere in a time that won't even last.

This time is fleeting by so quickly and your fate has long been cast,

And today's time that you treat so quickly is tomorrow's empty past.

Rushing around like there's no tomorrow, where will your tomorrow be?

This is a thought you need time to ponder as you approach eternity.

Time in eternity will be much different as rushing it won't require,

One immediate concern however is, will you be in Glory or the fire?

The fate of eternity has been sealed in a place that is much higher,

But God has left your final destination up to your very own desire.

This is where our programmed haste needs to be put on hold for sure,

For although life on earth is brief eternity will go on forevermore.

Friend we are both alike in that we are both created and are mortal,

But earthly things will pass away as we go through an eternal portal.

It doesn't matter where you choose to go as a body will be prepared,

But the lasting differences between two choices can not be compared.

The wise that chose Heaven will reap eternal reward from labors past,

But empty darkness awaits the fool in fire that will eternally last.

Satan wants you to be preoccupied so that you're eternally ensnared,

But God has furnished witnesses so you're not eternally unprepared.

(Copyright © 05/2003)

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