Woe To All The Masters of Deceit

God has given both blessings and warnings throughout His Holy Word,

However it looks as though by many people He goes virtually unheard.

Woe is but a tiny word in Scripture that echoes warnings very loud,

But this tiny little word has been ignored by a very deceptive crowd,

In Isaiah God had said woe to those who call good evil and evil good,

They may have read these words, but it appears they never understood.

He says woe to all who put light for darkness and darkness for light,

Yet, they do things in the day that are even shameful in the night.

These men parade their wicked sin during the daytime with no shame,

And to add to their sin they say it's being done in God's Holy Name.

God says woe to those who put sweet for bitter and put bitter sweet,

But they go on leading the ignorant astray through spiritual deceit.

Christ's warning to all who use sin to cause a little one to stumble,

Was meant to change a hardened heart to one that's soft and humble.

For we must remember that without holiness no one will see The Lord,

So today to all those who go astray, this must again be underscored.

We are told to test the spirits for we can not believe in every one,

And Eternity is a long time alone, for a brief moment of wicked fun.

Christ said woe to the world and to all men who cause people to sin,

For to them it would have been better if their life never did begin.

(Copyright © 08/2003)

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