Change From The Inside Out

Spiritual Change

The more that some Christians change, the more they remain the same,

For many people who claim to be saved, are only Christians in name.

Christianity is not simply a religion for man to deal with strife,

But it's God personally reaching down to man to offer him new life.

Change in one's life is not simply an option for each Child of God,

For we were commanded to leave behind the path we once had trod.

Although we live in the world, we're not to be of the world we're in,

For God's desire for us would be hindered if we get entangled in sin.

Christians are sealed by The Holy Spirit until the day of redemption,

You are then set apart for the work of The Lord, with no Exemption.

Our lives belong to God, as He purchased us with the blood of Christ,

Christ is where we place our trust, as we become a living sacrifice.

And it's to the patterns of this world we are not to be conformed,

Instead it's through the Word that renews, we are to be transformed.

For all in Christ, the old passes away as we become a New Creation,

And God, who has reconciled us, give us a ministry of reconciliation.

So our lives should now be used to reach others with God's Salvation,

It should be our compassion to reach every tribe, tongue and nation.

So today is the day to let The Lord inside and really make a change,

And just like John the Baptist my friend, you will never be the same.

(Copyright © 03/2003)

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