The Gates of Righteousness


Lord open the Gates of Righteousness to all of the Romanian people,

Help them see that the Church is more than a building and a steeple.

For years oppressed by an evil regime that afflicted all who believed,

Now that they have freedom to believe, many are religiously deceived.

Lead us through the Gates of Righteousness into each and every heart,

That Romanian people everywhere through Christ can have a new start.

Please give them ears that they may hear and eyes that they may see,

That Jesus, God’s Only Son, is the only way that they can be set free.

Churches built by the spiritually aloof, are impressive floor to roof,

But inside they are marred with proof that they’re void of all Truth.

Thrust us forth through that gate, with The Spirit guiding our way,

So that when we run into hate, He will give us the words to convey.

Yes, help us through that mountain pass with Eternal words that last,

Words to free them from ritual, Mass and the oppression of the past.

On our fragile feet of clay let us pierce the darkness of their night,

Help us point them to the light of day with The Blessed Gospel Light.

Lord, replace the fear caused by men with Truth throughout the land,

That all who come to The Son of Man can’t be taken from God’s Hand.

Open Lord the Gates of Righteousness to the entire Romanian Nation,

So they can enter and give you thanks when you become their Salvation.

(Copyright ©10/2003)

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