Are You Eager To Meet The Lord?

Probing Questions

Life on this earth friend is temporal and it is not very long at all,

Though man was to live forever, his life was shortened by the fall.

And through Adam's fall, sin and death was passed down to all men,

So instead of life eternal, man's life is just three score and ten.

Created and put in a perfect world, with access to the Tree of Life,

But desire for knowledge of good and evil created a world of strife.

Adam's fall has also destined that all men must face God's judgment,

Even if you do not repent, from God's justice you will not be absent.

Forbidden back into the Garden and no more access to the tree within,

First God shed an animal's blood, to cover their nakedness and sin.

Now shut out of a perfect Garden to grope upon the now cursed earth,

But God offers all Adam's children, Eternal Life through a New Birth.

For us God used more than just a skin, He made Jesus Christ our sin,

His Blood cleanses our sin and He fills us with Righteousness within.

God willed Christ to suffer, for granting man life was His desire,

But for the unbelieving and vile scoffer He prepared a Lake of Fire.

What does profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?

For eternity apart from Christ is an empty and foreboding dark hole.

Eternity is ahead for all men and blessings or wrath has been stored,

So when your earthly life is over will you be eager to meet The Lord?

(Copyright ©02/2004)

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