A New Believer

A new Believer within God's hand by God's Grace becomes a new man.

Although your flesh still remains, your inner heart is not the same.

As The Spirit takes up residence, God in your life takes preeminence.

Your heart now becomes incensed by your former life of decadence.

Your desires are no longer the same since The Lord has made a change,

A change by The Grace of God to leave the old path you once had trod.

Saved from your former life of sin, now Christ richly dwells within.

Now that you have died to sin, a new life in Christ Jesus now begins.

Purchased with a special price, The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Your life isn't yours anymore, for now you belong to Christ The Lord.

Old ways that taunt your mind need to be dropped and left far behind,

As The Holy Spirit living inside uses God's Word to renew your mind.

When your flesh begins to be weak God is the one you need to seek.

For this battle you feel inside could be that eternal enemy of pride,

And filled with Christ's meekness, God is displayed in our weakness.

God's Grace is sufficient for you and His Grace will see you through.

We died to sin once and for all and we're under Grace not under law,

Sin in us is rendered powerless so we can be tools of Righteousness.

If we are crucified with Jesus we no longer live but He lives in us.

We must offer ourselves as a sacrifice pleasing God and Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©04/2004)

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