Jury Of My Peers


Should you take a risk dear friend to reach others with the Light?

For doesn’t light disturb the dark when it pierces the silent night?

Is it that strange my friend that sharing light causes men to bark?

For many men of the night oppose the Light as their deeds are dark.

Friend Do we hide the Light behind a facade that seems to be right?

Unwittingly do we deny The Lord by putting a basket over His Light?

Christ did say we are to be wise as serpents but harmless as a dove,

However withholding Truth from those in need doesn’t show His love.

We are told by Apostle Paul to put on our Armor to prepare to fight,

As our battle is against darkness and our weapon is a sword of light.

The Bible says that those who live in darkness oppose what is right.

And today is Christ’s message of Hope being overcome by the night?

Proclaiming Truth, many prophets and Apostles lost their very life,

However we want to share the Word only if it causes no one strife.

We have been redeemed to share His Light, as The Lord’s very Elect,

So why are we dealing with Truth in a way to be politically correct?

We are to be different; the Bible says he who has ears let him hear,

And these words were spoken by Christ Himself, not an earthly peer.

Friend I choose to follow the Word and not give into man made fears,

For The Author of Salvation will be my Judge, not a jury of my peers.

(Copyright ©01/2004)

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