Your Visitation


Visitation you know, is a Ministry in need,

Is simply God's way to sow local seed.

You don't need a pulpit on which you can perch,

Just simply point people the way to the Church.

"I don't know how to preach," is what you might say,

Just simply explain how someone showed you "The Way."

This calling for men to go out on Visitation,

Is not some kind of new religious creation.

It was a command from the Lord, before He ascended to Heaven.

To His Disciples and a small group of about one hundred and seven.

So they started at once, to go out and preach concerning "The Way."

And being lead by The Holy Spirit, they knew just what to say.

So that tiny little group that once shook with great fright,

Grew into a great Body that preached with delight.

Now after two millennia of time has gone by,

That once great body, makes even hardly a sigh.

But He's coming again, we know this for sure,

And soon He may knock at your very own door.

Concerning your service, will you be filled with elation,

When God finally calls, on your Visitation.

(Copyright © 11/2001)

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