Acknowledge Him

Each day, as busy as I may be, my Lord always speaks to me,

At times throughout a busy day, this as I walk life’s narrow way.

Acknowledging Him in all I do, busy days, He sees me through,

Trusting Him with all my heart, He guides me from the very start.

Christ walks with me all day long, filling me with His joyful song,

With me in the darkest night, He guides me safely with His Light.

Filling me with joy and peace, with a presence that will not cease,

For in my heart, Christ lives inside, helping me, in Truth, to abide.

Friend, as I daily abide in Him, Christ guides from a world of sin,

He leads me with a staff and rod, to live each day to honor God.

Christ takes me to waters still, as he leads me in His Father’s will,

To make a testimony of my life, to bring the lost to Jesus Christ.

Through this, blessing comes my way, as I live for Him each day,

Lifting up my Lord and King, as I acknowledge Him in everything,

It is only fitting to give Him praise, as He guides me all my days,

Filling me with peace and power, to help me in that busiest hour.

And all of this has come to me, from the cross raised at Calvary,

The cross lifted for every nation, to draw men to God’s Salvation,

So you could acknowledge too, Christ, who died for me and you,

Then God can come into your life, through The Son, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©07/2007)

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