Available Pens


To all my likeminded poetic brethren and my dear Christian friends,

It's good to know God's the poet and we are just His available pens.

And for those truly lead by The Spirit for whose leading they depend,

The words that seem to flow from heaven also appear to have no end.

Just as the early prophets, no new vision, but He purposes the same,

That is to lift up our Lord and Savior and Glorify His Awesome Name.

We are different than the prophets, but the message remains the same,

God is waiting for all who listen and who put their hope in His Name.

And it was Christ whom God exalted and He is with God in Glory now,

And His Name that is above all names, is where every knee will bow,

So using His Words of Wisdom, as God's pens let's fill The Kingdom,

Then we'll meet Christ in Glory and there we'll sing praises to Him.

And if we are on the same page of God's one and only Eternal story,

We're not here for the praise of men, but for Christ's Eternal Glory.

For all we do should bring Him Glory and if not we will suffer loss,

But one thing we can never lose is the life we found in The Cross.

All having different beginnings, we share one common destiny friend,

It's sharing One Eternal Inheritance when this pilgrim journey ends.

With humble words to you I say, I am what I am by The Grace of God,

And if you have a kindred spirit, I can see you agreeing with a nod.

(Copyright © 07/2003)

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