Speaking Truth

I must elaborate from The Word, echoing Truth until all have heard,

I must speak God’s total Truth, anything less simply feeds the aloof.

For who am I, but simply a man; a tiny part of God’s Awesome Plan.

Many men just speak their mind, leaving other men in error behind.

It’s not about what I can conceive, but about The Truth that I believe.

Eternal Truth does not change, through all ages it remains the same.

Man can not add to God’s Truth, for then it becomes Satan’s spoof.

Men do add human deduction; leading only to their own destruction.

It’s not my job for you to understand, for I, like you, am simply a man.

If you choose another truth to follow, you will find it vain and hollow,

For adding to Truth comes to naught, only producing a religious cult.

It was not me, but Jesus Christ, who said He was The Truth and Life.

One preaching another Gospel, has a warning from Paul the Apostle,

And it couldn’t be much worse; he said that man should be accursed.

Paul received Truth right from Christ, and on it you can hang your life.

And Paul preached but One Way, and it’s the Gospel preached today.

The Truth is pretty plain and clear, the problem is men don’t have fear,

For they do not fear a Holy God, and don’t believe they’ll face His Rod.

You can choose in faith to believe, or follow another and be deceived,

The choice for me is more than clear, so I’ll believe with reverent fear.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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