According To The Scriptures

The Word of God

When people think of God, in their minds eye they see many pictures,

But, the vision isn't valid unless it is according to the Scriptures.

When The Apostle Paul preached to the Bereans many came and heard,

But with eagerness they compared Paul's preaching to God's Holy Word.

Today many people will accept any doctrine with a compromising nod,

However doctrine must be refuted if it opposes the very Word of God.

If you want to truly know anything about the near or distant future,

There's only one place you should go, and it's God's Holy Scripture.

Pleas of Godly men in the Bible are not simply pious benedictions,

For living according to the Scriptures filled them with convictions.

Even Christ who was The Word, when He addressed Israel's teachers,

He qualified His own preaching, by pointing them to the Scriptures.

Reading from the scroll of Isaiah, as His time of death was nearing,

He finished saying today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.

And even though many men wanted to kill Him, much to their surprise,

They would see more of Scripture fulfilled right before their eyes.

Even among the skeptics of today as in the past, every eye shall see,

Christ's continuing Revelation, fulfilling His Sure Word of Prophecy.

Christ died and was buried for our sins according to the Scriptures,

He was raised and is coming back again according to the Scriptures.

(Copyright © 06/2003)

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