Live By The Spirit

On the cross it was Christ who died and all He asks of you and I,

Is to nail our flesh upon that tree, and start new life at Calvary.

Live by The Spirit for The Lord, and your walk will not go ignored.

The Fruit of The Spirit will my friend be a benefit to all in the end.

The Fruit of The Spirit from above fills your heart with agape love.

The Spirit gives you a joy my friend from The Lord that has no end,

And a peace that does transcend, the understanding of most men.

This Fruit from The Spirit of God goes with you wherever you trod.

The Spirit helps you live your life in a way that honors Jesus Christ.

In a trial you have patience friend, when there seems to be no end.

A goodness fills your life, from the Righteousness of Jesus Christ.

And a kindness, to men in your life, when in conflict and in strife.

Also faithfulness to Jesus Christ becomes apparent in your new life.

And gentleness like that of a dove fills you through The Lord’s love.

When you feel like losing your top The Holy Spirit helps you to stop.

As self-control is a way of life, when guided by The Spirit of Christ.

This is The Fruit that is derived from The Holy Spirit living inside.

The Spirit opposes sinful flesh that Christians should put to death.

You die to your old sinful life when you have a new life in Christ.

Live to please The Spirit friend and Eternal Life shall be your end.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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