As Men Gather In Vain

Leaders gather, at our expense, thinking not of our recompense,

As that voice, which we deserve, when elected, in order to serve,

Gathered behind closed doors, about our future, mine and yours,

Indifferent to all their promises, that they’ve made to folks like us.

They may say “In God We Trust”, but, their ways are far from just,

With The Lord, not in their heart, from all Truth they simply depart.

Integrity they just don’t possess, with their fear of God even less,

They don’t represent you or me, but their agenda no one can see.

Their ways are not hidden from, God, knowing all that is to come,

As God limits what men can do, as they betray both me and you,

For God will not forsake His own, as God reigns from His Throne,

Guiding all of His flock with love, with His protection from above.

The king’s heart is in the hand, of God, who rules over every land,

As God moves hearts to fulfill, His purpose according to His Will.

Some plans of men may prevail, but God’s purpose shall not fail,

As the leaders who, many trust, are but men, who’ll return to dust.

We must focus on Christ our Lord, Who by many, is truly ignored,

The Only One in complete control, including, every individual soul,

So, as world leaders capitulate, to one another, believers will wait,

For our Lord God’s Eternal Son, to return and setup His Kingdom.

(Copyright ©07/2009)

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