The Savior And The Judge

The Word of God

Christ Jesus is coming back real soon as The Savior and The Judge.

He will be returning to this earth from His Majestic Throne up above,

For all power and authority from God has been placed in His hands.

And every single man, by His Word, will either fall or he will stand.

Friend, although many in the world today have plainly been deceived,

When Christ returns to earth in Power and Glory every eye will see.

Every willful life of ignorance, indeed shall cease and be no more.

And every man with a mind will know it is Christ who’s at the door.

The time is now to allow The Lord to be your Savior and your friend,

For when this life is over friend, you’ll have an eternity to spend.

If you choose to deny The Lord with a heart that just won’t budge,

You will stand before The One God proclaimed Everlasting Judge.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you plan to one day go,

For everyone will indeed acknowledge God, and this you need to know.

And every tongue shall indeed confess That Jesus Christ is The Lord.

And as you bow before Him, you shall, by Him, be eternally ignored.

While all who believe in Christ and by their lives showed they cared,

Will hear “Well done, come in and enjoy what My Father has prepared.”

All who scoffed at Heaven above and at Hell in the grave that is beneath,

Will be cast into darkness, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.

(Copyright ©06/2004)

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