Easter Sadness

The pink bunnies and painted eggs, this twist in culture truly begs,

For the true meaning behind, the holiday façade steeling the mind.

Not only the mind but the heart, as from God’s Truth many depart,

His Truth is said and men hear it, but many follow the pagan spirit.

The egg they say reflects new life, but don’t mention Jesus Christ,

Instead the eggs we are told to hide, after they are colorfully dyed.

And the bunny comes into play, to observe Easter the secular way,

As children everywhere are allured, to a bunny instead of The Lord.

Jelly beans and yellow chicks, become for many the secular picks,

Choices that reflect emptiness, in hearts that say ignorance is bliss.

As Easter baskets fill the home, children’s hearts continue to roam,

Moving them from God’s Truth, as chocolate bunnies are the proof.

The day that marks the resurrection, truly moved in a sad direction,

As foolishness is what men chose, tainting the day Christ had rose.

The one day that marks our victory, is marred by ridiculous fantasy,

Filling our day with foolish fun, in lieu of recalling what God’s done.

It is sad in the way men trivialize, such a day in all the world’s eyes,

But it changes not at all for us, who in Jesus have placed our trust,

Nor does it change at all the fact, that He who rose is coming back.

And coming back for all to see, Resurrection Day is what it is to be.

(Copyright ©04/2007)

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