Spiritual Change

Some choices that we make in life, are not centered on Jesus Christ.

We ignore the voice we hear inside, as Christ’s Truth we push aside.

But at the time we believe in Christ, He becomes the center of our life.

From then on it can not be denied, that from The Lord we can not hide.

We need to glorify Christ all through, everything in life we say and do.

All the choices we make each day, must reflect that we know The Way.

Friend, do our choices and our ways, lift up to The Lord Eternal Praise?

Or do we mix darkness with light, and say to our self, it seems alright?

Check with Christ before you choose, and dear friend, you will not lose.

For Christ gave us His Word to use, when we embraced His Good News.

And we must live in accord with Him, to avoid in life what could be sin.

My friend, we must walk in New Life, if we profess to know Jesus Christ.

Christ also gave us His Spirit inside, and He is for us an Eternal Guide.

He guides us in all Truth my friend, and in His leading we can depend.

And The Spirit we can not grieve, making ill choices we may conceive.

Follow The Spirit’s lead my friend, and you will have peace in the end.

Remember Jesus made a choice for you, that wasn’t easy for Him to do.

He chose to give His life for you and I, so we could live with Him on high.

And from Him we receive New Birth, to live anew while upon this earth,

So we can live our present life, to draw other men to New Life in Christ.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

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