So Very Busy

So very busy with so much to do, oh dear friend, if you only knew,

Knew how much God did care, and that in Jesus He’s always there.

Christ is with me throughout the day, helping me to discern the way,

The day can be very hectic friend, if time with God I do not spend.

The Lord helps me to prioritize, things of importance in His eyes.

When days get busy as can be, we can easily forget about eternity.

And our days are a means to an end, of an eternity we all will spend.

And friend our focus must coincide, with the Spirit who lives inside.

As we live out this earthly life, we must point men to Jesus Christ,

For life without Christ my friend, is a dark eternity that you’ll spend.

It’s the biggest priority in life; do you know The Lord Jesus Christ?

And if you know Jesus Christ, is His will a part of your daily life?

Satan wants to so fill our days, so Christ gets absolutely no praise.

He wants to overwhelm every hour, so that you’re devoid of power.

He doesn’t want found in your life, the presence or peace of Christ.

Satan wants to make you testimony, void and appear to be phony.

But Christ came to give unto me, a New Life and that abundantly.

An abundance of Peace by Christ, to be found displayed in my life.

And an abundance of His Power, to help me in every working hour.

Then at a busy day’s end, I can thank The Lord for being my friend.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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