Christ Still Redeems

Short and abrupt they seem to be; almost miserable is what it seems,

Filled with discontent and a need, yet they go on with empty dreams.

Searching alone to fill their need, they fall into many evil schemes,

But look to your Eternal needs, and you’ll find Christ still redeems.

This life is filled with vanity, chasing dreams that just won’t be,

Pursuing dreams of vanity, your heart and life will remain empty.

But Christ came that we may have life, and have it more abundantly,

Yes He gives you life abundantly, step out in faith and you will see.

God knows your needs, it is true, and it doesn’t matter what you do,

Seek first God’s Kingdom and all of your needs will be given to you,

Once you’re in Christ old things fade, and He makes all things new,

He’s coming back to take you to a new place He’s prepared for you.

Many are walking the empty and deceptive road of self gratification,

Although satisfied for a time, they will face eternal condemnation.

There is another road to select, with a sure everlasting foundation,

This road is free of man’s deception and it leads to God’s Salvation.

Busy at life taking care of needs, I didn’t need God, so it seemed,

But life can be quite empty indeed, trying to be one who’s esteemed.

Now that I’m saved and doing God’s deeds, never once had I dreamed,

That I would be attempting to lead you to be one of God’s Redeemed.

(Copyright ©02/2004)

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