Seasons of Life

God's Sovereignty

All our years and lives cycle friend, from the beginning to the end.

And there is a rhyme and reason, for each and every single season.

There is but one Author of Life and that my friend is Jesus Christ.

And you will find when you reason, He’s seeking you in every season.

The first one that The Lord brings is the season we know as spring.

The earth is awakened in the spring and for all new life it brings.

The next of God’s four seasons is the warmth and the summer breezes.

In the summer new life will flourish in a season that many cherish.

Then the next season sure to come is the colorful change of autumn.

The autumn is the season for all, to see much life change and fall.

The last is the coldest we know and that is the winter with its snow.

In the winter the earth will hold much dormant life below the cold.

Our beginning is like the spring, as a child to earth God will bring.

Youth is like the summer time, when one grows and falls in line.

Adulthood is likened to the fall, when one lives out his divine call.

End of life is like the winter cold slowing us down as we grow old.

After we live our natural life, we enter what is known as after life.

This is an eternal state my friend, without cycles and without an end.

And this eternal state is only life if you enter in with Jesus Christ.

For without Christ, in one breath, it’s not life but eternal death.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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