Be Not Conformed

Unto the world be not conformed, but let your heart become transformed.

Living as a New Creature in Christ, you must depart from your former life.

To strive for holiness all your days, while you put behind your sinful ways.

These words from God’s Holy Word, I am sure every Christian has heard.

But it is a scary thing indeed, to treat with contempt what one should be.

Only to embrace this culture at hand, to create a belief in which to stand.

Trampling God’s Holy Word under foot, is not right and it is never good.

God isn’t mocked or is He deceived, and what they sow they will receive.

They call right what God calls wrong, while they try to sing a new song.

God is Eternal and doesn’t change, and the Word He spoke still remains.

Who He was yesterday, He is today, as is the width of His narrow way.

So if broad is now your deduction, you may be on a road of destruction.

Friend, Holy is The Lord our God, and holy must be the pathway we trod.

To pick up our cross to follow Him, we must first lay aside our former sin.

How can anyone follow The Lord, when in his life God’s Word is ignored?

We must live as a Living Sacrifice, to draw other people to Jesus Christ.

We come as we are to Jesus Christ, who turns our old ways into New Life,

New Life in Christ for others to see, that our new home is now in Eternity.

Now just strangers here on earth, transformed to be Holy by a New Birth.

To work out our salvation while here, in awe of Christ with trembling fear.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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