Who Are The Saints?

Probing Questions

Just who are the Saints my friend, let The Word help you comprehend?

Are Saints a select religious few, selected by a tiny hand picked crew?

Are they made for worship by men, which by Christ will be condemned?

Or are they men like me and you, who have come into a life that’s new?

Call no one on earth Father Jesus said, it’s in Matthew haven’t you read?

For we have but one Father in Heaven, all else is simply religious leaven.

Men’s pious religious veneration, has nothing to do with true Salvation.

True Saints are humbled when, they realize they should be condemned.

All those who come to Christ in faith, are said by God to be His Saints.

Saints are the men set apart by God, while still upon this earth we trod.

We become a Saint when we believe, so please friend, don’t be deceived.

The Bible said that men would fall away, in the spiritual apostasy of today.

What about the Saints at Ephesus, should these men be respected less?

What about the Saints at Rome, the Pope or Vatican wasn’t even known?  

Why not believe the words of Christ, if we’re serious about Eternal Life?

The Holy Spirit is the one who seals, all God’s living Saints who are real.

Our worship should go to only one; and that is God and His Only Son.

Just one mediator between God and man, this is easy to understand.

The mediator is Jesus Christ; for Christ is the One who gave His life.

He gave His life for me and you; Christ died so we could live life anew.

Because of His work on the cross, we enter God’s throne with boldness.

He now intercedes for the Saints, who pray to God through humble faith.

Soon Christ will call His Saints up, to return with Him in eternal triumph.

Then religious men in fear will faint, when they see Christ’s real Saints.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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