Why Ignore Such A Salvation?

Probing Questions

God above, who would forsake, a perfect God, who makes no mistakes?

Jesus Christ, Who would deny, a Lord and Savior who came here to die?

The Holy Spirit, who would resist, choosing instead to face God’s justice?

God’s Salvation offered to all men, tragically is ignored by many my friend.

The Eternal God of all creation, The God who reigns above every nation.

The God who created all that you see, and that includes both you and me.

He made us in the image of His Son, which my friend, includes everyone.

We were created for God’s pleasure, so we could be His eternal treasure.

God then sent His Son Jesus Christ, this to be for us, a bloody sacrifice.

Salvation was sent to us through Him, to save all men from all their sin.

For us Christ died and rose again, and this so man could be Born Again.

Today all men who trust in Christ, from The Father, receive Eternal Life.

God sent The Spirit upon all men, into a world which stood condemned,

Condemned because of their sin, so Christ sent The Spirit to live within,

Live within the very heart of man, this to help sinful man to understand,

That all men could have New Life, through The Spirit and Jesus Christ.

So won’t you embrace The Creator, God who sent the world a Savior?

Christ who paid the ultimate price, by becoming for all men a sacrifice.

Who sent The Spirit to help us embrace, God’s gift of Love and Grace.

So friend, follow not this generation, that ignores God’s great Salvation.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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