Poured Out By God


Every day our God uses us, as His Instruments for Christ Jesus,

Pouring out our lives for Him, the One offered up, for all our sin.

Using our lives for His Glory, as He continues Salvation’s Story,

The story beginning at the cross, where He died for sinners lost.

Pouring out what He puts in us, empty vessels made from dust,

Filling us up with Truth and Love, through The Spirit from above,

As we empty these lives of self, God fills us with eternal wealth,

Putting in us the Spirit of Christ, He uses us throughout this life.

A life surrendered to Jesus Christ, becomes for God a sacrifice,

For God to use us as He wills, while Christ’s purpose, He fulfills.

As Christ is building His Church, someone may end their search,

When that one is ready to know, Truth inside you God will show.

God fills men with all He needs, to pour Truth on seeking seeds,

The souls who were witnessed to, before they ever came to you.

He then pours His Truth and Light, from you, to give them sight,

Sight that opens up their heart, as you continue to do your part.

As we live our life for The Lord; blessings from God are poured,

On the men we come beside, through The Spirit who lives inside.

So fill your heart with His Word, and as His Truth inside is stirred,

The Truth inside, God has stored, for His purpose will be poured.

(Copyright ©01/2008)

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