Access To God

I speak to The Father every day, through one very Glorious Way,

A way provided for you and me, to speak to the God of Eternity.

I speak to Him only through one, the Father’s only begotten Son,

Christ gained access for His own, directly to His Father’s Throne.

I have access to His Throne of Grace, at all times from any place,

An access never denied to those, who truly believe His Son rose.

A religious support, I have none, as I go through God’s Own Son,

Christ, who is my High Priest, handling concern without the yeast.

As my High Priest He intercedes, with His Father for all my needs,

Christ’s our High Priest forever, reigning with a Righteous Scepter.

Of our needs, He knows everything, ruling also as Sovereign King,

The Lamb of Glory, now Glorified, is reigning by The Father’s side.

Knowing all that Christ endured, He is our friend, not just our Lord,

Completing for all the final sacrifice; paying in full sin’s total price.

Now seated at The Father’s side, is the One who sinners crucified,

Redeeming all the world, that day, as His Father, had turned away.

God turned as Christ bore the sin, that was not at all a part of Him,

But, He bore our sin and our grief, to bring to all men Divine relief,

And changes Christ has wrought, in the hearts of those He bought,

Through all of the humble prayers, to a loving God who truly cares.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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