Be Anxious For Nothing

We are to be anxious for nothing, as our Lord knows our very being,

God who gave us our very breath, guides us in the shadow of death,

He, who has guided us in the past, knows the future that’s been cast,

With God there’s no fear or doubt, what all of our trials, are all about.

Believers need to look to God, who leads His own with staff and rod,

A Loving Shepherd, filled with care, guides us out of all dark despair,

With His rod when we tend to stray, into life’s darkness along the way,

Then He loving guides with His staff, when back onto His well lit path.

A planned course that’s well lit for us, when we employ faith and trust,

In God’s Word and become assured, by not man, but Christ our Lord,

For all in The Lord make no mistake, none of His own, He will forsake,

Even when we choose to roam, our Shepherd will see us safely home.

The Lord Himself will bar no cost, to find that one sheep which is lost,

To bring them safely into the fold, where God’s Word they will behold,

The Light and Truth, not of this world, which only true believers herald,

Giving us internal light and peace, that in any darkness, will not cease.

Even when darkness does draw near, with The Lord, we need not fear,

For God imparts to us His Light, which pierces even the darkest night,

And He who formed us from the earth, has provided to us a new birth,

Through His Eternal Son, Jesus Christ, Who promises us, Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©11/2009)

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