Those Along The Way


We see men each and every day, while we journey along our way,

On roads and byways of life, those who don’t know Jesus Christ.

And the time we have down here, will end for all, this is very clear,

So we must take the opportunity, in sharing the Truths of Eternity.

About a time which has no end, and how Christ can be our friend,

A friend, closer than a brother, who loves us more than any other.

His Love reaches from Calvary, as it leads us through to Eternity,

As He laid down His life for all, in redeeming us from Adam’s fall.

Paying alone, the Eternal Price, becoming for all men, a sacrifice,

God’s Sacrifice, for all of our sin, with God’s wrath laid upon Him.

Dying an eternal death for us, mortal men simply made from dust,

But rising again from the grave, giving eternal life to all He’d save.

Many may know about our Lord, while His Truth just goes ignored,

Much like us, before we knew, the Love God has, for me and you,

Being lost in sin and shame, not knowing whom we now proclaim,

Living our lives as sinful men, before we had become Born Again.

Now we need to be used by God, while still upon this earthly sod,

To point those we see every day, to The Lord God’s Eternal Way,

Christ, the Eternal Lord and King, Sovereign Master of everything,

The Father’s only begotten Son, who died to give life to everyone.

(Copyright ©03/2008)

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