He Died To Give

Christ died to give men a peace, which goes beyond this crazy world,

And inside our heart it will increase, as the message to all we herald.

It is a peace that will never cease, as Eternity by The Lord is unfurled.

So this Blessed Gospel of Peace, is to be told throughout this world.

Man can have peace with God above, by the work on Calvary’s cross,

For the world by God was so loved, that He sent Jesus for sinners lost.

God turned away in Heaven above, as Christ shouldered all our dross.

It was Christ’s immeasurable Love, that led Him to death on the cross.

Through the cross and all its shame, man goes from death to New Life.

Christ was The Lamb with no blame, offered by God as the only price,

To cleanse all of our guilt and shame, caused by our sin and our strife.

And all men are saved by the Name, of God’s Only Son Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Christ I have been set free, from the bondage caused by sin,

For on the cross Christ died for me, and my freedom is found in Him.

Christ became a curse upon a tree; The Lamb of God who had no sin.

Jesus Christ laid His life down for me, now it’s my heart He lives within.

It was all by God’s Amazing Grace, That His Only Son was crucified,

That Christ came to take my place, and on that cross for me He died.

God’s Word of Truth I did embrace, and now His Truth reigns inside.

Soon in the clouds I’ll see His face, and on that day shall be glorified.

Christ also died for you my friend, upon that bloody cross of Calvary,

Christ did this so you could spend, your life with Him through Eternity.

Our mortal mind can’t comprehend; our life lived with Christ Eternally,

But He is the beginning and the end, believe on Him and you will see.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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