Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver I may not have, but I am lead by my Christ’s staff,

Friend, what I need, I shall have, for Jesus directs my every path.

Gold has very little value to me, when I truly focus upon Eternity.

For the very streets we are told, up in Heaven are paved with gold.

What I possess is Eternal Life, and this friend is in Jesus Christ.

What I have will forever endure, for all my riches are in The Lord.

Earthly riches are uncertain friend, but a life in Christ has no end.

The more I give to God you see, the more I shall have in Eternity.

Have your silver and your gold, for in Christ there’s wealth untold.

In Christ is wealth you can’t see, stored away for you in Eternity.

Earthly wealth indeed has an end, that’s not so in Eternity friend.

Riches in Christ you can be sure shall be enjoyed forevermore.

Riches can lead into temptation, leading to trials and tribulation.

Man’s riches have an evil allure, causing you to always want more.

In Christ is contentment in Him, it guards you from covetous sin.

In Jesus you can settle for less, knowing you’ll always be blessed.

What on earth then can you afford, if your riches are in The Lord?

Christ brings an ongoing peace, when earthly riches finally cease.

In Christ you get a peace of mind that gold and silver will not find.

And Hope and Joy in Jesus Christ, knowing you have Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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