As The Nations Rage

The End Times

We’re not here to fix this world, but Truth, we are here to herald,

Truth of God and His Salvation, we’re to preach to every nation;

This world can be a sorry place, sorely in need of God’s Grace,

In a world where wrong is right, we need to point to God’s Light.

As we live out this present age, we sure see many nations rage,

Seeking political power and gain, the wicked hearts plot in vain,

Kings of earth counsel together, while Truth, they seek to sever,

Wanting to cast all restraint off, evil men toward God just scoff.

So it’s not hard to understand, why darkness pervades the land,

While evil men today conspire, against The Truth, that we desire,

But, God’s Truth, that we cherish, by their hand will never perish,

Even though they council together, God’s Word will last forever.

The Word which God shall fulfill, in His Son, on God’s Holy Hill,

Christ, who now reigns above, all that evil, these men speak of,

God, who scoffs at their decision, will have them all in derision,

Judging every darkened fool, when from Zion, Christ does rule.

Until then, all Believers must be, lights, for The Lord of Eternity,

As for Christ we make the case, while it’s still the Age of Grace,

That Christ’s coming back again, as Lord and Judge of all men,

And the only Hope in this life, is accept as Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©05/2010)

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