Shaped For Service

God's Sovereignty

We are formed by The Creator, in the image of God, our Savior,

And God created each one of us, for His pleasure and purpose,

Shaped by the Hand of God, for service while upon earth’s sod,

From His Truths there’s no escape, as God molds us into shape.

Spiritual Gifts were given to all, to cover all needs big and small,

The needs, that God did foresee, covering the scope of Eternity,

Gifts, God provided to everyone, to serve The Body of His Son,

To all men God had skilled, to finish the Church, Christ will build.

Hearts by Christ, have been filled, for His Purpose, as He willed,

Filled with passion for God’s plan, to reach for Christ every man,

With God’s Gospel of Salvation, preaching Truth to every nation,

Until all upon earth have heard, the saving message of His Word.

Abilities that we have naturally, are used throughout God’s family,

In those everyday tasks and deeds, while caring for others needs,

Serving The Lord in ordinary ways, all for God’s Glory and Praise,

For it’s God who we seek to please, even with our natural abilities.

Personality The Lord did impart, for His purpose, into every heart,

For diversifying the passion of, our Lord God, Who reigns above,

All believers still of one accord, with various passion for the Lord,

As The Spirit uses every individual, in full harmony with God’s will.

Experiences by God are aligned, in each life, just as He designed,

Using all situations of this life, experiences of peace and of strife,

For Testimonies of God’s Grace, as we move from place to place,

To be a help and encouragement, wherever, by Christ, we are sent.

We are shaped for God’s Ministry, while living this side of Eternity,

Saved and called by Jesus Christ, to be for God a living Sacrifice,

Gifted by God and then authorized, in a New Life that is prioritized,

By The Lord God of our Salvation, to reach for Christ every Nation.

(Copyright ©09/2009)

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