Beginning In The House of God

Friend God’s Judgment shall begin, within the very House of God,

As He lifts high, against her sin, His Standard and Righteous Rod,

For far too often believers tolerate, within their hearts and their life,

The many sins God does hate, that cause the Body pain and strife.

We forget His Righteous Decrees, even though we belong to Him.

Going on in life just how we please, while falling back into old sin.

It’s not done with any evil intent, but, just sins that still have a grip,

This with that old humanistic bent, and back into old ways we slip.

The sin of gossip, just simple talk, can tarnish a testimony friend,

As it also corrupt a believer’s walk, while hurting others in the end.

Going where we should not go, The Holy Spirit hears and grieves,

As that subtle sin begins to grow, and other sin it now conceives.

Strong anger then begins to flare, and this, inside another’s heart,

And one who simply had no care, before that gossip had its start.

The question this is sure to raise, as one’s heart begins to search,

Does it bring God any praise, in the Body called Christ’s Church?

Have we strayed to the place, within The Church of God’s people,

That it’s not a house of grace, but simply a whitewashed steeple?

We need today repentant hearts, in the Body that God holds dear,

Before His Spirit within departs, with God’s Judgment oh so near.

(Copyright ©04/2008)

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