Abolishing Division

He came to abolish division friend, as Lord and Savior of all men,

Jew and Gentile become one, through the blood of God’s own Son.

Whatever your status, free or slave, Christ The Lamb came to save.

Despite your wealth, rich or poor, all men can be saved by The Lord.

He didn’t abolish the Law friend; He is The Beginning and The End.

For The Lamb that the leaders saw, was the fulfillment of that Law.

All of the Old Testament sacrifice, ultimately pointed to Jesus Christ.

All of salvation’s work was done, upon the cross by God’s Only Son.

Although that day men were deceived, Salvation for all was achieved.

Others that day truly believed, and The Church was indeed conceived.

On that day men saw God’s elimination, of man’s religious separation,

Brought together were Gentile and Jew, as the curtain was rent in two.

With the temple curtain now rent, we have access, by whom God sent,

One mediator between God and man, that is Christ The Spotless Lamb.

Now just one High Priest over all; God’s reconciliation from Adam’s fall.

God did away with man’s religiosity, and in Christ created a new entity.

The Church is God’s New Creation, born out of God’s gift of Salvation.

Men from every place on earth, are drawn together through New Birth.

Men from every tribe and nation, brought together by God’s Salvation.

Jesus finished the work on Calvary, and all you have to do is believe.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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