Pause For Reflection

At times changes come on the scene, that can alter our daily routine,

As times change for you and I, we are left to question how and why?

A hopelessness can fill your heart; as yet one more day has its start.

Developing an unwanted attitude, and from within an empty solitude.

Your mind falls into subjection, of what seems like a subtle rejection,

However these feelings of rejection, could be just a time of reflection.

For maybe an unscheduled solitude, is for some a spiritual interlude,

A special time with God to discuss, deeper issues, God knows of us.

God can use this time of reflection, to give our heart a new direction.

You could find that your rejection, is not others, but is your selection.

Friend you may find the one ignored, is not a man, but it is The Lord.

It could very well be God’s Son, who those feelings are coming from.

We focus on what’s bothering us, instead on building upon our trust,

That trust we placed in Jesus Christ, the day we offered Him our life.

It just may be Christ the Lord, who is the one knocking on your door,

This to get back to that place again, that as your very special friend.

Share with Him what’s hurting you, and He will hold and comfort you.

Christ shall never leave your side, even though He is the one denied.

Our drifting heart must be secured, in Christ our never changing Lord,

So when those subtle changes occur, in the Solid Rock we can confer.

(Copyright ©06/2006)

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