Patterned By Christ

I want to live my life every day, pointing others to a better way,

In how to live their daily life, through the power of Jesus Christ,

To live in that way prescribed, by Jesus Christ, before He died,

For all believers Christ did give, the pattern of how we’re to live.

Just how to live our life for God, while we’re on this earthly sod,

A life to glorify our Risen King, through every day in everything,

For this life isn’t intended me, but for pointing others to eternity,

Where we’ll live forever friend; in a life with God that has no end.

I live this life not on my own, but with power from God’s Throne,

This as I live my life for Him, the one who saved me from my sin,

A life at first you don’t chose, but once you start you can’t lose,

As living each day for the Lord, produces for one untold reward.

Living no longer for yourself, creates a sense of spiritual wealth,

Learning to live a day at a time, produces in one, peace of mind,

Following that pattern left for us, in The Father, I learned to trust,

While in my life God does for me, so much more than I can see.

The only one I choose to follow, in the world so dark and hollow,

As God fills all that emptiness, with The Savior’s Righteousness,

While the pattern Christ left for man, leads to God’s Eternal Plan,

In a coming life we’ve yet to see, that will begin for us in Eternity.

(Copyright ©07/2008)

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