Are You Truly Free?

Probing Questions

Many are wandering through this life apparently so careless and free,

Unaware they have been blinded by Satan and spiritually can not see.

With eyes of flesh they see things on earth that tug at their heart,

But when life on earth is over, where will they go when they depart?

With life on earth only temporal, where will they spend all eternity?

Even down here, only with life in Jesus Christ is anyone truly free.

Free to move about but as fallen creatures we are in bondage to sin,

Not chained on the outside but captive to iniquity deep from within.

For the very heart of our sinful problem is that very thing you see,

For the heart is desperately wicked, tainted with sin and iniquity.

My friend this sin in our heart creates an evil darkness from within,

It separates us from God who is Light, as there's no darkness in Him.

A penalty for sin must be paid and the wages for sin friend is death,

And the man of lawlessness shall be destroyed with just one breath.

This bondage sin imposes is not limited to the time spent on earth,

But eternal separation into darkness awaits all apart from new birth.

This new birth is granted to all who accept God's gift of Salvation,

Christ cleanses you of all sin and in Him you become a new creation.

You can freely reject God's gift and be in darkness for all eternity,

Or accept His redemptive work on the cross and become truly free.

(Copyright ©03/2004)

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