Spiritual Change

A battle inside me begins to rage speaking to me of a need to change.

This need to change just like a dart struck inside my wicked heart,

It was the Holy Spirit, who began to chart a new life for me to start.

Since the day I believed in His Name my life has not been the same.

I can not truly explain, all I know is that I have been Born Again.

As this spiritual battle rages, it speaks to me of deeper changes.

To purge the evil from my heart, from all wickedness I must depart,

For as a Christian I have my part, as the Word of God I must impart.

Bits of my past God erases as my life and goals Christ rearranges,

And the useless parts God replaces with far better eternal exchanges.

As the battle continues raging I begin to have some trouble changing.

For Satan using his wicked art, stirs the deceitfulness of my heart,

It's from God you should depart for this holy stuff you're too smart.

And all that God ordains for me Satan deceitfully tries rearranging,

But God's plan for me is never in danger for my God is unchanging.

When my flesh becomes enraged I reminded I'll be completely changed.

From this world I will soon depart and have Christ's mind and heart.

Then I will have a new course to chart when I get my eternal start.

Although on earth I still remain, my earthly life has been estranged,

The reason I am not the same, my life has been eternally exchanged.

(Copyright ©04/2004)

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