We Know The End

The End Times

As the times get darker my friend, praise The Lord we know the end.

And as the times get dark as night, as believers we can see the light.

As we’ve received a great revelation, from The Lord of our salvation.

The book John was inspired to write, ends in the Hope of God’s Light.

God through John reveals to all, the final consequences of man’s fall.

That every man and every nation, shall experience Great Tribulation,

In a time when judgment is poured, upon the earth by Christ our Lord.

Upon a wicked and sinful world, as the Lord’s future wrath is unfurled.

The book begins with letters to, the seven Churches Christ foreknew.

Local Churches or Ages friend, the Church’s presence soon will end.

The voice of a trumpet John would hear, from above to come up here.

At that point, The Church of Christ, from upon the earth is out of sight.

And then John points us to a scroll, and to The One who is in control.

It is Jesus Christ, the Worthy Lamb, who opens up the scroll at hand.

In the scroll The Lord reveals, His mighty judgments of Seven Seals.

Then the Seven Trumpets come, these too are revealed by The Son.

Ending in Seven Bowls of judgment, for The Lord above won’t relent.

Upon His enemies He won’t relent, until all His Wrath on evil is spent.

Indeed it will be a dark time to come, up until the return of God’s Son,

Who raptured His Beloved Bride, so all believers could be at His side,

While God judges the earth below, and with a power that all will know.

But while The Church is here my friend, you can still change your end.

Come and follow the narrow path, and you too will avoid God’s Wrath.

Make the only choice that’s right; today come into God’s Glorious Light.

Then when God’s Wrath is poured, you too will be above with The Lord.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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