Allow God To Work

The Lord can work in mighty ways, for God does it all of the time,

Taking senseless darkened days, that have no reason or a rhyme,

And filling them with ample praise, from His Power that is sublime.

Doing so your spirit He will raise, and from darkness you will climb.

The Lord God has no limitations, and reigns high above the skies,

He reigns above all the nations, and God knows who lives and dies.

He is the God of all destinations, and in Him there’s no compromise.

He’s indeed The God of all creations, all knowing and eternally wise.

Give God the room that He needs, as you live through your daily life,

For The Lord is busy planting seeds, in what you think is only strife.

As God employs a servants deeds, to move your thoughts to Christ,

The Holy Spirit of God leads, men everywhere, towards Eternal Life.

Let your heart be sure and still, as you put all faith and trust in Him,

For it’s The Lord’s Eternal Will, and God’s alone when He’s to begin,

So maintain your hope in God until, He removes the time that’s grim,

For all that He plans He shall fulfill, shedding light where now it’s dim.

Friend, He is The God that you can trust, to handle all of your affairs,

And to believe in Him, this is a must, for Him to lighten all your cares.

The Lord will help you to adjust, as the entire world around despairs,

And soon believers He will thrust, into His Glory, His Word declares.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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