A New Look At Sacrifice

We're moved by the Mercy of God, as we live life on this sod,

To be for God a Living Sacrifice, as Disciples of Jesus Christ;

We’re urged by Paul, into action, to be a light in a world of sin,

In light of God’s incredible Mercy, to live our life pure and holy.

We must commit to a change; transformed to praise His Name,

With God’s loving Mercy in view, we’re moved to live life anew,

Radical change to demonstrate, the power of Grace in our faith,

With change required in our heart, for real changes to truly start.

In light of God’s amazing Grace, we’re moved to an active faith,

Chosen by God’s sovereign Hand, in ways we can’t understand,

To stand against the world’s views, to offer instead Good News,

That can change our world at hand, as for God, we take a stand.

With a transformed heart and mind, a past is all we leave behind,

While we move for God ahead, a voice for Christ and Spirit lead.

Not here to spiritually pause, while ahead there’s a greater cause,

With The Good News to herald, as for God we change our world.

Becoming for God a strong voice, with other brethren we rejoice,

For Christ has made us fully clean, even from those sins unseen,

Mindful of what we used to be, now used by the God of Eternity,

As our own will and self is denied, Grace is spread, far and wide.

(Copyright ©08/2009)

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