Born In Sin

The Word of God

Darkened minds and darkened hearts; that is our being at the start.

Born with a darkened nature within; men born into this world in sin.

We are born with a propensity to sin, in this world, when we begin.

Our nature is tainted by Adam’s fall, and this indeed, affects us all.

Some may act out of pure instinct, then act or talk before they think.

Some men though still unaware, act and speak with a heart of care.

Some men may be more inclined, to use a deceptive heart and mind.

Some men do follow Satan’s plan, in full rebellion to The Son of Man.

Either way, many men stand aloof, opposed to God’s Eternal Truth.

But not all men, by evil, are allured, to this force opposing The Lord.

The evil force is Satan my friend, and destruction is his ultimate end.

But life my friend is our God’s goal, Eternal Life for every living soul.

Our fallen nature doesn’t pursue, The God who created me and you.

Friend left alone our life’s amiss, and empty of God’s Righteousness.

But righteousness to all did come, from The Father through His Son.

Though we stand in sin condemned, in Jesus we can be Born Again.

Men can be born from above, through The Creator and Savior’s love.

And then The Lord will fill your life, with the Righteousness of Christ,

Then give you a heart that’s right, to live and share The Saviors light.

So we can leave the path we trod, and live to glorify The Living God.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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