Judgment Will Fall

God's Sovereignty

Three billion souls and counting, as The Lord’s vengeance is mounting,

Against a world that’s gone astray, storing up wrath for Judgment Day.

God’s wrath on all who have ignored, Revelation of Grace by The Lord,

As Grace appeared to every nation, in Christ, revealing God’s Salvation.

Vengeance is mine, says our Lord, and on iniquity, wrath will be poured,

God’s Word makes it very clear; His Wrath is something all should fear,

As half of this world’s population, will experience unequaled desolation,

With one third of earth destroyed, as God’s agent of wrath is employed.

Simply look at this world we live in, you will see it is permeated with sin,

Satan’s agent to harden man’s heart, while iniquity does its wicked part,

In turning all men away from God, not knowing they’ll face His Iron Rod,

Christ’s Rod, against all men on earth, who saw in God no eternal worth.

God’s Judgment must and shall fall, from Heaven to this terrestrial ball,

To destroy God’s enemy, with sin, so a New Age with Christ can begin.

Facing such massive devastation, shouldn’t we preach to every nation?

Letting all know Christ is the path, on which one won’t see God’s Wrath.

One third of this earth will be no more, as God prepares it for The Lord,

Purging earth of every evil thing, for the eternal reign of Christ our King,

With a New Heaven and new earth, for all born of God through new birth,

Where we shall reign forevermore, with Christ our God and Eternal Lord.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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