Tides of Life


As the tides of life ebb and flow, you dear friend, may never know,

What the tides will bring your way, as they change from day to day.

This life and all its uncertainty, can change the path of you and me,

And as we journey upon life’s tide, we need an anchor by our side.

You need an anchor in your heart, for your soul that will not depart,

An anchor for every single tide, that keeps you secure deep inside.

Life’s tides can become high or low, no matter where in life you go,

This life can even bring a drought, filling a heart with fears or doubt.

Even when life brings a high tide, one needs to have an inner guide,

One guide to lead you from above, should the tide become a flood.

Friend, during any flood in your life, you can rely upon Jesus Christ,

Who calmed the wind and the sea, can calm a heart for you and me.

He can save you from all harms, taking you in His everlasting arms,

As God places both you and me, upon Christ, The Rock of Eternity.

The Rock that anyone can know, wherever the tides of life may flow,

As it is The Lord’s amazing Grace, that reaches down to every place.

God will save you from life’s flood, through the power of the blood,

Shed for all nations by Jesus Christ, to purchase for all Eternal Life.

And it is that tide from Calvary, which reaches men like you and me,

So that we can live forevermore, upon Christ’s golden Eternal shore.

(Copyright ©07/2007)

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