Many Who Never Heard


Let the truth be known to all of us, who in God have placed their trust,

There are many who’ve never heard, the Truths we find in God’s Word.

They may believe in a power above, but know not God’s amazing love,

The love we find at the cross, where He displayed His love for the lost.

Let the burden be upon every heart, which by God, has been set apart,

With the Gospel Message to herald, to reach for God, the entire world.

It’s God’s message of reconciliation, to be preached unto every nation,

Proclaiming in Christ, peace with God, to all people on this earthy sod.

We need to help people understand, from every nation and every land,

That God above sent His Only Son, to be Lord and Savior of everyone,

Christ was sent to be the ultimate Lamb, God’s Sacrifice for sinful man,

God had prepared a body for Him; God’s spotless lamb to bear all sin.

The Savior was crucified at Calvary, The Lamb of God, for you and me,

God’s Son was crucified in our place, all ordained through God’s Grace.

Christ, who came down to this earth, to provide every man a New Birth,

Sending His Spirit down, to all men; when in Christ they are Born Again.

Salvation is available to every life, through the Lord’s Son, Jesus Christ,

To free us from the sin of Adam’s fall, all sinful men, both big and small.

This is the message to be preached, until every heart for God is reached,

God’s Love and Grace to all friend, for a life with God, which has no end.

(Copyright ©05/2008)

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