As The Spirit Moves

God's Sovereignty

We’re moved on by the Spirit of God, where we’re found upon this sod,

Enlightened right at that very place, through The Lord’s Amazing Grace.

Moved to make a decision for Him, as a darkened sinner lost in our sin,

A decision that changes our life, as we accept The Savior, Jesus Christ.

Once we were enemies with God, and now lead by God’s staff and rod,

No need at all to look to the Lord, now His Lead and Grace is implored,

And The Spirit who first moved on us, now lives in all, who in God trust,

Sealed by God’s Spirit from above, are all those saved by God’s Love.

In our unbelief we stood at enmity, with our Creator and God of Eternity,

Merely wanders down upon this earth, born in sin through a natural birth,

But by God’s Spirit we’re Born Again, no longer an enemy, now a friend,

And now a member of God’s family, in a relationship that’ll last eternally.

The Holy Spirit, sent by our Creator, points all men to Christ, The Savior,

Savior and The Lord of all creation, who sent from God, is our salvation,

Prompted by The Father’s Love, Christ left His Throne, in Heaven above,

To be a Lamb and Shepherd too, of all believing souls, like me and you.

Now God’s Holy Spirit lives within, all true believers saved from their sin,

To live this present life a new way, lead by the Spirit each and every day,

To be Christ’s witness and His light, to all those men still lost in the night,

As God moves upon another soul, with His Spirit, to join in Christ’s Fold.

(Copyright ©11/2008)

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