Verses of Truth

The Word of God

This will stand the test of time, a poem of Truth with added rhyme,

They are Truths, from God’s Word; Bible Truths we all have heard.

And nothing has been added to, the words of Truth from me to you,

God’s the One to be stressed, and Christ who passes Eternal tests.

The Lord starts by giving life to us, creating all men out of the dust,

Creating man in the image of God, to put us over the earth we trod,

Over all the creatures that we see, created by The God of Eternity,

Created to live forever, to never die, up until Satan, to man had lied.

With man listening to Satan friend, his life on earth now would end,

And sin had brought an awful price, for man had to leave Paradise.

Shut out from God’s original plan, and all He had prepared for man,

And left to live out a temporal life, upon this earth of pain and strife.

For all received from God a curse, so all life ahead was only worse,

So now Adam like the rest of us, would soon return back to the dust.

But God’s Grace did rise above, sin’s awful curse through His Love,

Whom He would send to everyone, in Christ His Only Begotten Son.

Jesus Christ who died upon a cross, to pay sin’s price for all the lost.

By Satan’s lie men were deceived, but in God’s Son we can believe.

And with the rhymes in this poem, I point all to God’s Eternal Home,

Where all men can live Eternal Life, by faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©02/2007)

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