God Created Every Soul

God's Sovereignty

God has created every soul, every man and woman since the fall.

And just as with Adam and Eve, all men were created to believe,

To believe in The God above, who has created all men out of love.

And a love that from the start, gave us a different mind and heart.

God’s the Creator of every kind, and every human heart and mind.

Of all the creatures great and small, indeed man is above them all.

Of all the creatures God chose one, made in the image of His Son.

All the rest are mere creatures, made with many different features.

Many features reflect His Design, living proof that creation’s divine.

God’s awesome Eternal Design, has remained through all of time.

And nothing has changed at all, from the time of man’s original fall.

All attacks against God’s Design, have withstood the tests of time.

Even though the plan was tainted, by all the wicked work of Satan,

That’s when The Divine Creator, called upon The Lord and Savior.

With the world so loved by God, He sent Christ with Staff and Rod.

To guide all men who were lost, to God’s Salvation upon the cross,

Where fellowship was restored, with God, through Christ our Lord.

Christ was the part of God’s plan, to redeem the lives of fallen man.

Through Christ, God’s Eternal Plan, will continue on for every man.

Christ’s Rod will smite the nations, who reject The Lord’s Salvation.

And as Satan comes to his demise, all believers will enter Paradise.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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