The Gospel in a Nutshell

Here’s The Gospel in a nutshell friend, from the beginning to the end.

The message displayed for all to see, so all men can live for eternity.

A message made loud and clear, so that sinful man needs not to fear.

The message is seen in Jesus Christ, so all men can have Eternal Life.

Jesus Christ died on a bloody cross, The Perfect Man for sinners lost,

For Jesus Christ died in our place, and this friend was all God’s Grace.

God sent to earth The Perfect Lamb, to bleed and die for sinful man,

As the wages for sin is death, He said “Forgive them” in His last breath.

By Jesus the penalty for sin was paid, then on the ground His body laid.

He was then placed in a tomb my friend, for the cross was not His end.

After being placed in the tomb, the Jews thought they sealed His doom.

Being In the ground for three days, sorrow began replacing men’s praise.

But the grave could not hold Him friend, for death was not Christ’s end,

And after three days came and went, Christ from that grave rose again.

He rose again just like He said, for He couldn’t remain among the dead.

Christ ascended again to His Father’s side, even though for us He died.

To help the fainted heart believe again, He returned to be seen by men,

To five hundred men He did appear, to put to rest any doubt and fear.

After forty days He would ascend, reminding all He would return again.

This is the Hope we have in Christ, that we will be raised unto New Life.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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